Seasonal packaging

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Seasonal packaging.

There are many perks of using seasonal packaging, not only can it help increase your sales, but it can also help target new consumers. Seasonal packaging is a good way to introduce new products, launching new products in a seasonal period allows you to test the product to see how it performs before you launch completely.

There are a number holidays that you can take advantage of to boost your sales. HLP Klearfold can help you design and structure your packaging, making it stand out from the crowd. A few are listed below with a little advice from HLP Klearfold.

  • Summer

Summertime is a great time to use seasonal packaging. Making use of big, bright colours such as yellows and blues can really make your packaging stand out. Using our crinkle effect on your packaging will give your packaging a fresh and unique look, perfect for summer.

  • Halloween

Take advantage of Halloween and send out packaging which can grab the attention of your audience. If your target audience is focused more around adults, then they might be more attracted to stylish spooky patterns, our veined pattern effect can be printed under any colour and is perfect for ‘vampire’ styled packaging.

  • Christmas

Christmas is a time when all company’s step up their game to make sure their product sells. HLP Klearfold can help you boost your sales with our range of design effects, and our ability to structure your packaging, making it one in a million. Our glitter printing effect would be perfect to represent snowflakes.

It’s never too early to start planning for any seasonal event and HLP Klearfold is here to help you every step of the way. Get in touch to request a free sample pack or a meeting with one of our account managers.

Get your Christmas packaging ready!

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Get your Christmas packaging ready!

It is never too early to start thinking about your Christmas packaging. Many companies have already got their packaging for Christmas sorted. There is no need to worry if you haven’t already sorted your Christmas packaging as HLP Klearfold are here to give you a hand. HLP Klearfold can help from initial design all the way through to final production.

Many companies decide to launch a new packaging design for Christmas. Consumers love the Christmas period and are more likely to purchase products that have a Christmassy feel around Christmas time. HLP Klearfold can supply a wide range of design effect that will give your packaging the perfect feel for the Christmas period.

Let’s face it, nobody has time to waste around Christmas, so how does a quick and easy way to assemble your packaging sound? HLP Klearfold Crash-lock /Auto-bottom locking mechanism is proven to be a faster solution with both hand and machine applications. It can significantly save you up to 30% of your labour costs and is the perfect application to your packaging in busy periods.

Get in touch with HLP Klearfold to find out how we can help you with your Christmas order!

Our customer service

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Our customer service.

HLP Klearfold prides ourselves on the high level of customer service we supply to our clients. We are passionate about satisfying customer’s needs to the best of our ability. Our technical account managers will work with you to carefully map your packaging needs and match them with our capabilities.

HLP Klearfold can supply you with around the clock attention, enabling us to give you the highest standard of customer service. We strive to provide:

  • Quotations within 24 hours
  • CAD Samples In three to five days
  • Full-colour samples within one week of receipt of artwork

We understand and appreciate the unique needs and demands that different businesses have, and our experienced technical account managers will give those needs their utmost attention. Our technical account managers will make the whole process of organizing your packaging easier and can offer you advice, design input and options to allow you to make the right choice for your products. We can also help you further with the design input with our very own highly skilled graphic designer who has a construction background and can mock up and supply you with designs that will truly highlight your product.

HLP Klearfold has local offices all over Europe with fast and easy ways to get in touch. We can talk over the phone, email or even arrange a meeting with you. Take a look at our contact us page to get in touch.


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Design effects for your packaging

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Design effects for your packaging.

Here at HLP Klearfold, we can supply a wide range of design effects for your packaging. We have a few listed on our ‘design’ page and you can find more examples of what we offer below.

Crinkle printing effect.

Our crinkle effect can be added to your packing in a wide range of colours. The technique of this effect results in a stylish, modern finish which provides a distinction against any other packaging due to its unique texture.

Sparkling printing effect.

The sparkling effect is printed with a special ink which will make your artwork sparkle among the rest. This effect will grab the consumers attention and draw them in.

Glittering printing effect.

The glittering effect can be applied to your packaging in small selected places on your packaging. It gives a 3D look to your packaging and will make it look alive.

HLP Klearfold can print a range of design effects onto recyclable plastic packaging. Give us a call and find out how we can help you with your artwork.

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2018 Packaging trends

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Packaging trends in 2018.

New year! New packaging!
Keep your packaging up to date this year with our tips on what is on trend this year. From pastels to bright and bold colours, below are the top 5 trends which are taking 2018 by storm.


Pastels have been on the trend list for a few months now, but 2018 is the time for pastels to step up. Pastels work so well within packaging because it evokes relaxation and calming effect on the consumers. Pastel colours also offer a new fresh feel to your packaging, which will draw in the consumer.

Keep it simple.

The famous saying ‘Less is more’ relates to packaging in 2018. With clear plastic packaging, your product does all the talking, so there is no need for masses of information and images. The style itself is clean and straight to the point which gives the consumer not much to think about when purchasing a product.


Everybody loves to doodle and that’s why this trend will help connect your product with your consumer. This trend really brings out the fun in any design and suggests the product is authentic and pure. This trend also works when targeting adults, as it helps remind them of their younger days, when they were once carefree and loved to doodle.

Bright and Bold

Bright colours and bold graphics text is a great way to make your packaging jump out to the consumer. Having fun and experimenting with different styles of typography, matched with vibrant colours can make your packaging truly unique.


Vintage style packaging is creeping its way into our 2018 top trends list, the key is it find the right balance between the ages. This trend brings back memories to the older consumer and brings out originality for the younger audience.

HLP Klearfold can print a range of design effects onto recyclable plastic packaging. Please contact us by one of the options below and find out how we can help you with your artwork.

Our material is 100% recyclable.

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Our material is 100% recyclable.

In the past few weeks, there has been a lot of information in the media regarding plastic and the impact it is making on the environment. It isn’t easy to know what you can recycle and where. HLP Klearfold can assure you that the plastic materials we use are 100% recyclable. Below you will find information about what plastics we supply and ways in which the public can recycle them.


Most of the plastic we supply are PET plastics. APET, RPET, PETG, Bio-PET. All PET plastics are 100% Recyclable.

APET – Produced with 100% natural occurring ingredients.
RPET – Produced with 30% post-consumer PET waste.
PETG – Produced with 100% natural occurring ingredients.
Bio-PET– Produced with 30% plant-based sources.

PET plastic is the most commonly used plastics in daily life. As a raw material, PET is recognized as a safe, non-toxic, durable, flexible material that is 100% recyclable. Packaging which is made from PET plastics can be easily identified by a #1 resin identification code can be found on the packaging. Identification codes can be found below.

PET plastics can be recycled at home and are collected curbside. There are a few things you can do at home which will guarantee that your plastic packaging is easily recycled:
•    Clean out the plastic packaging
•    Labels can be left on the packaging if there are any.
Top Tip- fold down or stand on the packaging, allowing more room in your recycling box/bin.
You can also recycle PET plastics at your local recycling centre or your local recycling banks.

Recycled PET plastic can be made into multiple items such as clothes, sleeping bags, garden furniture and plastic bottles;


PP is another commonly used plastic material, and like PET is 100% recyclable. PP material is a highly versatile material that can be easily recycled. Packaging which is made from PP plastics can be identified by a #5 resin identification code which will be on the packaging.

Like PET, PP can be recycled at home through curbside programmes as well as your local recycling centre. Recycled polypropylene can be made into Mixing bowls, spatulas and cutting boards; shovels and watering cans;

Resin identification code

Not only do HLP Klearfold offer popular, eco-friendly plastics, but we also make use of wind turbines and solar panels to help power our factories.  Here at HLP we encourage clean packaging and eliminate packaging wastage while maximising the reuse value of the materials throughout the recycling process.

If you have any questions regarding HLP Klearfold and the materials we use, please get in touch.

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Packaging Innovations – 10th April – 12th April 2018

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Packaging Innovations – The Netherlands

10th – 12th April

Come and visit us at Packaging Innovations in The Netherlands. We will be there ready and waiting to answer any questions you have

Floor plan and where we are

PCD – 30th January – 1st February 2018

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PCD – Paris

30th January – 1st February

Come and visit us at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. We will be there ready and waiting to answer any questions you have

Floor plan and where we are

Click here to see the full floorplan.

Cosmoprof – 15th – 18th March 2018

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Cosmoprof – Bologna

15th – 18th March 2018

Come and visit us at Cosmoprof in Bologna. We will be there ready and waiting to answer any questions you have

Floor plan and where we are

France- Exhibiton Visits 2018.

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France Exhibition 2018

Date Exhibition Location Product Website
24th-28th   Jan 2018 Maison & Object Paris Furniture
30th- 31st Aug 2018 Babycool Paris Baby product
8th-11th Sept 2018 Who’s Next Paris Textil industry
12th-14th Sept 2018 Beyond Beauty Paris Cosmeeting
21st-25th Oct Sial/Bestbuy Paris Great value wines show

If you would like to know more, feel free to get in touch

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