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Why transparent packaging?

Would you really want to spend your money on a product that you can’t see?

We know we wouldn’t. Here at HLP Klearfold, we believe that the best way to really promote your products is with the use of clear packaging. When clear packaging is used an instant trust is built between the consumer and your product because they can see what it is that they are buying. Clear packaging offers high marketing appeal and displays your product’s characteristics making it a number one choice when choosing about packaging.

Busy Busy Busy.

Consumers lives are becoming more fast-paced and its clear packaging that fits in with their busy lifestyles. With clear packaging, there is no waiting or judging which packaging is the prettiest, consumers know and see what they are exactly getting and this cuts out any second-guessing. They see it, they want it, they buy it.

Why HLP Klearfold’s transparent packaging?

HLP Klearfold produces durable and affordable transparent packaging and provides special effects and design inputs to give your packaging the best of both worlds. You can see these effects on our design page on our website. HLP also agree that clear packaging creates strong and lasting clear/transparent impressions, helps cut through cluttered shelves and conveys elegance and supports prestige product positioning.

For more information on how transparent/clear packaging is the way forward please go to our contact page and get in touch.